Corrosive Thoughts

An exhibition by Agnete Bertram & Theis Wendt

Covered in ash, the human dances, caught in a horrible physicality: physicality without a beyond, without an outside, without presence.

In the first room Theis Wendt displays two different work series. The works are different, but still the same. They represent a different time at the same time. Evaporated, petrified and photographed styrofoam. Some of the material is visible, some of it is transparent and some of it is invisible.

A styrofoam cup decays for 500 years.

In the second room Agnete Bertram displays a graphic installation. Glue and pigment becomes corrosive shadows on textile. The textiles cast shadows in the room. The textiles are shadows themselves. The shadows doesn’t follow the shapes, the surfaces or the physical logic of the room. The shadows form a space on their own.

The works displayed in the two rooms are made of two different artists. The works are different, but still the same. In the first room you find yourself outside. In the second room you find yourself inside.

The thin layer of carbon, the thin layer of radioactive materials, are the appearance of the past in the Arctic ice, in deep lakes, in Earth’s crust.

The exhibition is kindly supported by The Danish Art Council


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